Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In One Week....

In one week we will performing our very FIRST debut performance at Selva in downtown Sarasota at 10:00pm! I have been so busy preparing for the show,  I haven't really had time to think about what a huge deal all of this is. It has started to hit me the past couple days now that people are buying tickets and we are upon our last couple rehearsals. The amount of support and excitement swirling around the debut performance is overwhelming. It shows me that Sarasota is ready and eager for burlesque to be a part of the arts scene here. The other Diamond Dames and I have been feverishly making stage props (giant lollipops being one of them), practicing tassel twirling, embellishing costumes with rhinestones just to name a few! We are so incredibly excited to finally perform and show everyone how Burlesque is done!

1 comment:

  1. You dames are going to be amazing! I can hardly wait to see it for myself. Well done, well done! xo